Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather out there.  The natural grain hasn’t been altered so each side is unique, showing stretch marks, scars, bug bites and other imperfections.  Our leathers will naturally condition with use and develop a beautiful patina that real leather is known for.  Because we use leather that has natural oils, minor marks and scratches can easily be buffed out. 



Our leathers are naturally oily and have water repelling properties. With regular use, your new leather goods will condition themselves from the inside out. Most scratches and scuffs will easily be buffed out and disappear with time.  We recommend NOT treating or condition for the first 6 to 12 months! When your leather goods begin to dry out, after many months or years of use, get out your leather cream and put it to use!  Remember, using leather conditioner will darken your leather.  Be sure to use it on the whole bag to even out the color.

For specific stains, full submerge in water and gently scrub the stained area with dawn dish soap and a scrub brush.  Rinse thoroughly and air dry in a room temperature, low sun area.  Be extra gentle when scrubbing our pebble leathers. 



Because we use full grain leather without vinyl or synthetic topcoats, dye may transfer to your clothes when it's humid or if the leather gets wet.  Although not typical, if your clothes are stained and don’t come clean in the wash, dry cleaning could be a next step.



We sell a cream-based polish that’s great for reconditioning and polishing our leather goods!  It’s very affordable and easy to use.  Click the button below to check it out!