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Driver Glove

$15 $22

Made out of 100% cow hide with suede palm patches and an elastic cuff, these gloves will keep your hands warm in the cold. The mustard yellow provides a nice pop of color with our Stapleton logo stamped on the thumb. They will have you looking good whether you're out for a ride on the motorcycle or just out and about in the winter months. 

Break In
Gloves shown with 18 months of use and roughly 1,300 miles on a motorcycle. I soaked my gloves in hot water and rode for a whole day to get the fit and break in to be just right. Once dry I treated with Sno-Seal to moisturize and protect the leather. 

How to Measure for your Fit

Find your glove size quickly and easily by identifying the circumference of your palm using a pliable measuring tape. The measurement (in U.S. inches) should be taken from the inside of your thumb to the outside of your pinky finger. To ensure an accurate sizing, use your dominate hand when you’re measuring.

Medium 8 in to  9 in
Large 9 in to 10 in
X-Large 10 in to 10½ in


MFG by Kinco 

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